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Alberto Moreno’s Interview – Fully Translated, Fully Explained

On the 27th December, Alberto Moreno called in to radio station Onda Cero to talk to José Ramón de la Morena, the host of a popular football based radio show ‘El Transistor’, in his homeland of Spain. We picked up on this interview & translated what we believed to be the most crucial & interesting quotes for Liverpool fans to hear, summarising it in a tweet.

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However, since the original reaction to this interview, a separate version of the truth has emerged. An article posted by Football Espana supposedly gave another translation of an interview that Moreno had allegedly conducted with separate Spanish radio station, Cadena Ser. This second interview did not take place & it seems that this article has mixed up the two radio stations, Alberto only did one interview. Not only was this the incorrect source of the interview, but we believe the translation has been manipulated to increase hype & sensationalise Alberto’s words.

We understand many people’s negative reaction to the interview. Therefore we have gone to the trouble of translating the entire conversation (minus parts where he praises Salah that we already translated in our tweet) in order for you to make your own minds up without the unjust tone that has been previously presented.

When Asked About Klopp Playing Robertson at Left-Back

“Well, personally I didn’t take it very well to be honest, because I got injured giving everything for the team. It’s not like I made a mistake and I got injured or anything like that. So I think that when a player gets injured, at least you can give him a chance when he is back (to fight for his spot). It was like Klopp had taken me away from the team, I still trained but at this point it was like Robertson, Robertson, Robertson, Robertson. So I personally didn’t like that from him, but at the end of the day he is the manager, he is the one that makes the decisions, and all i have to do is to keep working for the time he gives me the chance so I can be 100% when that comes.”

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When Asked About Klopp

“With me he hasn’t changed at all. Since I got injured yes I have spoken to him in training, but I never had a meeting with him where we spoke about that subject, but my situation with him is normal. We see each other, we greet each other, we laugh, everything is normal. The only thing is that the way he treated me (not picking him) personally I didn’t like as much, but it’s just my opinion, of course. I don’t know what he thinks.”

“But I do understand his situation, If there is a player that is doing everything right and the team is doing right he must be thinking ‘How do i fit in this other player if I already have someone playing so well, and the team is doing well and we are winning.’ But in football you never know. There are injuries, some days you’re up and other days you are down. At the end of the day the most important thing is to be 100% ready when they need you. But of course at the end it’s really complicated because it’s not the same to just train – instead of having the rhythm from playing games every week. You don’t have the same confidence, but we are professionals and we have to be ready when the manager needs us.”

When Asked If He Feels Part Of The Team & It’s Successes

“Yes, I sincerely do feel part of this team. On another subject, here they are a little sad, so I need to somehow make some fun in the dressing room because they do not even know what a joke is here [laughs].”

When Asked About His Future

“Well, when I got here in 2014 I signed for five years and this is already my fifth year. Liverpool gave me the option to renew and we are currently on that, but it is true that we haven’t gotten to an agreement yet (with Liverpool). The market opens in January, so my agents have to work and listen if we have any offers.”

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When Asked if Sevilla Will Make an Offer For Him in January (As He May Become A Free Agent in The Summer)

“Well, I don’t know. I really don’t know. There’s many things we have to look at. If there is an agreement between clubs, if I also want to leave or anything like that. But like I told you before, we don’t have anything so far. We don’t have any answers for Liverpool, or any answers for any other clubs. But yes, in June if I don’t renew with Liverpool I will be a free agent.”

When Asked About Whether He Will One Day Come Back to Spain (And Asked Jokingly About The British Weather)

“Well, yes. It’s true that coming back to Spain one day is something that I have thought about.. And yes! Of Course I am tired of the cold weather [jokingly].”

When Ending The Interview

“Thanks for your time, and like I tell you – work is a word that I always have in mind, work and not giving up, and that is what I will do until the day I retire – which I hope is very very far away!”

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When compared to the edited version we have previously been shown, Moreno’s interview sets a much more respectful tone to Jürgen Klopp & the club. That isn’t to say that some of the things he says would perhaps be better off said behind closed doors, but the extent of the vilification towards him is unwarranted. It’s one thing for a site like Football España to alter their translation to make a bigger headline, but large & influential media sources have used this damaging translation to present this as news. In a multi-lingual football world the job of the media has become much more difficult over time, but the responsibility to fact check each report remains just as important.

By all accounts, Alberto’s time at the club may well be coming to an end in the near future & he has polarised the opinions of many fans, but one thing there has never been a question over is his unwavering loyalty & hard-work for the club. There is a now a threat that this may be tainted too, but by seemingly little fault of his own. At this football club an emphasis is often put on honour & principles. Whilst the idea of journalistic integrity has been well & truly cast aside with the pursuit of misleading clickbait, the multitude of well-meaning fan sites that serve Liverpool fans should always concentrate on practicing well-researched, honest journalism in the spirit of our great club.


Written by Dani Izquierdo (@DannLFCTR), Robert Rogers (@RobRLFC), Carlos Rojas (@RojasRuin).

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