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Comparing Jürgen Klopp’s Time at BVB to Liverpool. w/ @BVBBuzz

The Jürgen Klopp era has transformed Liverpool massively. From astonishing victories, to heart breaking finals, from disappointing transfers, to incredible bargains on players that Klopp has transformed into top class talents. LFC Transfer Room (@LFCTransferRoom) teamed up with BVB Buzz (@BVBBuzz) in order to get the Borussia Dortmund’s fans perspective in Klopp’s management at Liverpool in comparison to his time in Germany.

What are your thoughts on Klopp’s style of football here at Liverpool? Do you think there are any similarities or diferrences from his style at BVB?

It seems as if Klopp hasn’t had an easy transition into the Premier League. From what I’ve seen Klopp is still playing with fullbacks and active wingers when Liverpool is attacking. Being honest, the way he is using Sadio Mane reminds me of Mkhytaryan’s glory days at Dortmund.

How were the owners at BVB During Klopp’s period?

Klopp was hands down the most loved and supported person in Dortmund’s recent history. The board of directors were no different, they supported him until the end. If it had depended on the board of directors Klopp could still be Dortmund’s coach, it was the German legend who wanted to taste what the Premier League is all about.

What was Klopp’s strategy on transfers, or how did he tend to buy his players?

Regarding transfers in the club, those are mainly handled by Michael Zorc and Watzke. During Klopp’s tenure, Dortmund never spent more than €15 million on a single player. What we did was basically signing young talents and developing them into superstars. Sometimes this transfers created players such as Julian Weigl, Marco Reus or even former Mats Hummels, but some other times we got stuck with lads such as Milos Jojic or Kevin Kampl who completely flopped inside this development program.

Where there any issues with Klopp’s managment during his time at BVB, or any things that fans or yourself disliked about him?

Klopp is a guy who just can’t be hated. I don’t have anything against Mr. Bosz, but I’d trade anything just to have Klopp back. This guy is basically your dream head coach, and Liverpool should feel proud just for having him.

A controversial topic in Klopp’s style at LFC is that he tends to do late substitutions (around min 80’.. 85’ and so on). Was he the same way at BVB? Did you agree with it?

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Well Klopp is a lad that puts a lot of trust on his starting XI players. Seems like he is doing the same at Liverpool. If this strategy of making the subs late is winning games then I wouldn’t mind him doing it.

How was Klopp’s reception with the Bundesliga fans during that period? Did they all liked him, critizised him? Etc.

As I stated before he was a very loved man. Its safe to say nobody wanted him out of Dortmund, and he earned the respect of opposing fans also.

What do you think are some of the Pros and Cons of Klopp here at Liverpool? And what does he have to improve on from your perspective?

Klopp has a bigger list of pros than cons when it comes to him being manager. First of all with him just being in the locker room, I’m sure the whole team morale just improves massively. His passion for the sport is something that isn’t seen in many modern coaches. A probable con is that maybe his emotions “could” sometimes overwhelm him.

How important were Zeljko Buvac & Peter Krawietz during his time at BVB? Why do you think he decided to bring them along to LFC? And what are your thoughts on them?

Buvac & Krawietz are Klopp’s other half. I think a team without the three would not be the same. Although Jürgen is a tactic genius he’s not perfect, and he needs someone to tell him where the mistakes are at, or just give him a different point of view. Thats why Buvac and Krawietz are there for, they complement so well each other, specially Buvac since I think Klopp has said before that he plays a major part in his tactics and training.

How well do you think Liverpool will do now, or in the future? What do you expected from Klopp and LFC?

Klopp is a guy that goes all out. He has surely improved Liverpool already, and in the near future I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys are battling for the Premier League title.

If you could have Klopp back at BVB would you do it? Yes/No and why.

I will answer this with a HELL YEAH! Klopp brought us back into the map and made Dortmund competitive again. Currently I don’t consider myself much of a Bosz fan so I’d love to have Klopp on board. I’m sure he could lead us to a Bundesliga title this season if he was in the club with us.

Article written by: Daniel A. (@DannLFCTR)
Answering for BVB Buzz: Alex Orillac (@AlexOrillac)

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