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Harvey Elliott: The next Liverpool superstar?

Harvey Elliott has become one of the most popular figures amongst the Liverpool youth squad. So LFC Transfer Room writer @ScottCGroom takes a loot at the Red starlet, and his potential rise to success under the right guidance.

Not a lot was known about 16-year-old Harvey Elliott when Liverpool signed him this summer.

Along with Sepp van den Berg, he was one of two teenage signings made by Jürgen Klopp.

As much as Liverpool fans craved for big money, marque signings, Elliott was one of few arrivals.

So little perhaps was expected of the schoolboy wonder from Fulham – but he’s proving people wrong already.

He is evidently a player that Klopp thinks an awful lot of, having included him in a number of squads already.

Elliott has also made two appearances in this season’s Carabao Cup, and has caught the eye both times.

He was unfortunate not to get on the scoresheet against MK Dons, but his all round play was impressive.

This form was continued against Arsenal this week, as he was instrumental in Liverpool’s progression.

On both outings, Elliott showcased why Klopp brought him to Anfield and why he now has fans so excited.

Confidence is king

What is most impressive about someone so young is the way Elliott isn’t phased by anything.

His runs and confidence on the ball are of that of someone far advanced than his 16 years.

He skips past defenders with strength and poise, committing a number of men to his presence.

Just look at the penalty he won against Arsenal.

He committed defenders to him, was too fast for them and was fouled in the box.

This is a problem enough for defences, and this is without his impeccable ability to spot and pick out passes.

His delivery into the box has created chance after chance in his two appearances so far.

More of which should have been converted, but this is besides the point.

A real footballing brain

He looks a real threat and like someone who could even this early on slot seemlessly into Klopp’s attack.

Not only that, Elliott has already proved he can make informed and correct decisions at key moments.

Time and again we see young players coming through in modern football that lack this ability.

This is what separates the good from the great, that ability to see the bigger picture around you and make the right decision.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a prime example of this.

His physical attributes along with his technical ability make him a good player, but his decision making makes him great.

He knows when to go short, when to switch play and when to drive on or cross.

Already, Elliott is showing similar maturity.

He knows when to commit men to the challenge, when to use the ball and when to dribble at defenders.

This more than anything is perhaps what Klopp sees in him.

And he wouldn’t be one to take risks with someone so young if he didn’t think they were worth it.

That tells you just as much about his character, which we’re still to find out more about, too.

We’ve seen Klopp build a squad based on togetherness and harmony over the last five years.

Elliott seems to have fit in with this from the off, and he’s still just a kid.

Everything points towards a bright and long career ahead of him at Liverpool.

And, going back to his talents, he’s already displaying similarities to the current stars.

Pace like Mané, a brain like Firmino, strength like Salah.

Could he be the next big thing?

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