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Mohamed Salah: Transitioning from Roma to Liverpool w/ @ASRomaPress

A few months back we made a Podcast with AS Roma Press (@ASRomaPress) predicting the arrival of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and the aspects that he could bring to Anfield. This time we decided to team up again with them to talk about Salah’s trajectory so far as a Red, and his development under the guidance of Jürgen Klopp.

How has the departure of Mohamed Salah affected Roma so far? Where you able to efficiently replace him?

Salah’s departure has certainly affected Roma. While they do have a new manager and a new playing style, the loss of an important player is always difficult.

Since arriving to England Salah has scored more than 7 goals and 2 assists in barely 2 months and a half. Do you think his £36.9 valuation was a fair price to sell him for? Or he should have been sold for more.

Salah was sold before June 30 in order for Roma to fulfill FFP obligations. This was obviously before the market went crazy and prices skyrocketed as we saw with Mbappe, Neymar, and even Sigurdsson. In hindsight, Roma probably should have asked for more, but at the time, €50m (£44.69M) total seemed fair.

Have you seen any improvement on him since working under Klopp? Or is he still the same player he was when in Roma?

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He still seems to be the same player, though, he seems to have improved his physique a bit in order to handle the physicality of the Premier League.

Who do you think Salah is/was more crucial for? Roma or Liverpool ?

This is difficult, I would say Roma, for now, because the club is struggling at the moment, and his ability would provide a huge boost.

Is there anything that you think Mohamed Salah still needs to work on?

I still think he has a lot of work to do with his right foot and his finishing. He still seems to waste chances and still appears to be uncomfortable with the ball on his weak foot.

If you could have the chance to bring back Mohamed Salah would you do it? Or would you rather have the funds to spend on another player like Roma has done?

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Roma spent a club record on Patrik Schick, who was being courted by several big clubs. While he is more a striker than a winger, I wish Roma had found a direct replacement for Salah.

Was moving away from Roma the right decision from Mohamed Salah? Or do you think he should have stayed longer, or moved to another team?

Another tough choice, given that he always wanted to return to England it’s hard for me to criticise his decision. He is still growing and Liverpool is a club where he can do this.

What was your (or the fans) opinion on Salah when he used to play for Roma? And was it your opinion on him now?

Salah was always touted as one of the strongest players at Roma. There are no hard feelings between the fans or even the media. Salah was always respectful and polite and gave everything he had for the shirt.

If you could have sold another player from Roma’s starting XI instead of selling Salah, who would have been?

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Given his age and potential fee, Nainggolan certainly would’ve made more sense to sell. However, I understand Roma hesitating in doing so given his popularity at the club and given he’s one of the top ten midfielders in the world.

What are your expectations on Mohamed Salah this season at Liverpool?

He can certainly garner similar numbers that he had at Roma. Before the season, I said around 15 goals and 7-10 assists would be attainable for Salah, but it really looks like he could do more than that.



Article written by: Dann A. (@DannLFCTR)

Answering for AS Roma Press: John Solano (@Solano_56)

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