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Best and the Rest – Rating Liverpool’s kits over the years

The 2019/20 Liverpool FC kit has been revealed. The rumours of a record-breaking Nike takeover deal next year are also circulating. To add to excitement, LFC Transfer Room have ranked their most and least favourite LFC jerseys from over the years.

Next season’s kit is here. A pinstripe beauty with a Crown Paints vibe – featuring the signature of the one and only Bob Paisley to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Another job well done from New Balance, but are they set to be snubbed by another brand?

Nike the frontrunners

According to ESPN’s Mark Ogden Nike are discussing a long-term kit deal that would eclipse Manchester United’s £750 million agreement with Adidas.

This would take place when Liverpool’s current New Balance deal expires at the end of the 2019/2020 season.

This news has sparked debate amongst supporters alike, with the majority seemingly frustrated with the potential sponsorship change.

The general consensus appears to believe a Nike kit would be too similar to other clubs with the same sponsor.

To most football fans, the shirt is so much more than just a piece of material – it’s a symbol of the club.

Players (unless your name’s El-Hadji Diouf) take pride in putting on the famous red shirt.

Here are the LFC Transfer Room writer’s with their take on past jerseys.

Brian Murray

Bri was a huge fan of the 1988 home shirt, calling it an “ode to simplicity.”

Despite this, his favourite is the 1995 home shirt designed by Adidas with the Carlsberg logo square across the torso.

“Baggy and brilliant,” Bri said. “And a reminder of the dizzying bravura of the Roy Evans era, when Robbie Fowler was the best finisher in the world.”

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Interestingly enough, the 1995 away shirt happens to be Bri’s least favourite shirt of all time.

“The horrendous green and white checked abomination,” he said. “If the home shirt was a reminder of the brilliance of the reds under Roy Evans, this away equivalent was a reminder of how we turned up to Wembley to play the Mancs in cream suits, played the game in these horrific checkered efforts and surrendered with a whimper.”

Liam Grimshaw

Liam was a bit split on his favourite Liverpool top. It was a toss-up between the 1999/2000 away jersey or the 2004/2006 home threads.

“The ’99 kit was my first ever shirt, and although I have no real memories of it (because I was three), it fills me with nostalgia,” he said.

“For obvious reasons the all-red kit we wore from 2004-06 is a firm favourite. Simple, yet effective. The trophies we won definitely contribute to the kits legacy.”

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Liam’s least favourite is one most people would agree was the worst in recent years – the 2013/2014 third kit.

“I imagine this is a lot of people’s least favourite kits. For starters it looked like it was designed in the dark,” he said.

“It’s hideous and wouldn’t look out of place on a ‘keeper in the 90s. Not only did it look terrible but it was the kit we wore during the famous capitulation in the 3-3 draw with Palace.”

Tommy Lister

For me, I’m really torn when it comes to deciding my favourite kit of all time.

However, I think due to the sentimental value, I have to go for the silver away kit from the 2008/09 title race season.

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It’s impossible to even look at that kit without thinking of Torres vs Vidic and Gerrard kissing the camera in our famous 4-1 away battering of Manchester United at Old Trafford. It’s also sponsored by Adidas, please come back lads!

As honourable mentions, I’d like to include the 1988 Candy home shirt, purely just for how attractive it is.

I’ll keep this part much shorter, based purely on its looks and no other reason, the kit I least liked was the 2012/13 season home shirt.

I thought the collar ruined it personally, although we did see a lot of world-class Suarez performances in it.

Rob Rogers

Rob’s firm favourite kit comes from the 2008/09 era. A beautiful craft of piercing Liverpool red, the Carlsberg sponsor and those fan favourite Adidas stripes on the sleeves.

“Coincidentally one of the last kits I ever owned. The entire collection, home, away and third choice were brilliant from Adidas, but the home kit under the Anfield lights during a big European game was something special.

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“The run to another European final under Rafa remains fresh in my mind, but most of all it reminds me of Fernando Torres. He looked like a God amongst men in this kit, from the exact moment he powered past Tal Ben Haim and slotted it past Petr Cech.

“During my lifetime, there is one kit that I have disliked. Perhaps my opinion is marred by the season coinciding with Liverpool underachieving, but the 2014/15 season never cut the mustard for me.”

It was plastered everywhere with Luis Suarez donning Warrior’s latest design, including outside Anfield. Weeks later his face was removed, as was our hope of capitalising on a spectacular year the season prior.

New Balance have, without a doubt, improved their kits since then. But if the choice was mine I would love to see Adidas craft the armour Jürgen’s Reds play in once more.”

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