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The Rise and Fall of Liverpool FC


It has been four years since Liverpool have had the honour to lift a trophy and celebrate the good times. The Carling Cup 2012. Liverpool vs Cardiff City. A missed penalty from the former skipper’s cousin, Anthony Gerrard, allowed the Reds to add to their successes and rise to victory.  A team that consisted of Pepe Reina, Jose Enrique, Craig Bellamy, Charlie Adam, Andy Carroll and of course, Luis Suarez.

Since then, Liverpool have come close to adding to their collection of honours, but have fallen at the last hurdle. So the question is, what has happened to our beloved team?


The following season (2013-14) was a promising one, one that will never be forgotten.

Liverpool finished second in the Premier League, just two points off champions, Manchester City. Since then, the Reds hadn’t come close to trophy success, until German manager Jürgen Klopp took over and aided the team in reaching two cup finals, the League Cup and Europa League finals.

First, let’s talk about that League Cup final. Liverpool beat Southampton at St. Mary’s 1-6 to progress to a League Cup semi-final. Stoke were beaten 6-5 on penalties, while Man City beat our blue neighbours on aggregate and Wembley awaited.

Man City opened the scoring but that was nothing Philippe Coutinho couldn’t fix. He scored the equaliser and the game went to a penalty shoot-out. Emre Can scored the first penalty, but his teammates failed to do so, allowing City to win 3-1. It was a huge upset, but only Klopp’s first final with Liverpool, and a huge achievement for a manager that took over from Brendan Rodgers two months into the season. Heartache. Losing to a Manchester team is never easy, especially in a final.


Five months later. Basel. Do I really need to tell you what happened? The thrill of coming back after being 3-1 down against Klopp’s former side, Borussia Dortmund, to win 4-3, beating Manchester United and knocking them out of the competition to fall at the final hurdle. Sevilla, you horrible bastards.

Daniel Sturridge’s beautifully controlled strike was cancelled out just seconds into the second half, and the Reds crumbled to concede two more. Forget guys, that’s probably the most heartbroken I’ve ever been in my life.


2016-17 – We Go Again.

WLWDWWWWWD. Our first ten games in all competitions. Just one loss. Burnley.

The Reds continued their top form and increased the unbeaten streak to 15 games, before that loss against Bournemouth. But that was just a blip. December was a decent month, beating Everton and Man City. Then it all went to shit, putting it lightly.

Sadio Mané left us for AFCON, Philippe Coutinho was still recovering from injury and we just fucked it up.


I mean, we drew to Plymouth Argyle on our own turf. Those pasty-eating, tractor-driving bastards. We went down to Home Park and still only managed one goal. ONE. Lucas Leiva scored for the first time since 2010. Says it all. We then got knocked out of the FA Cup by Wolverhampton Wanderers. We don’t deserve anything. No League Cup, no FA Cup, no Premier League title. This season went from ‘our season’ to a complete write-off in a matter of days. I’d never really thought it would actually happen before but this felt different.

I wouldn’t say it in case I’d jinx it, but I genuinely thought I could be cashing in on a bet I put on in the summer for us to be the Premier League champions. We blew it.

As fans, we gave up on our team when they needed us most. So many people have said it and rightly so, we are a TOURIST CLUB. It’s sad really. Every top-flight team has fans all over the world, and many travel thousands of miles to see their team play, but is it too much? I won’t go right into it but I think locals should always be the priority. No matter what, they should outnumber the tourists.

Also, this applies to everyone, GET OFF YOUR PHONES DURING THE GAME. I completely understand a quick photo before/after the game, but why the fuck are you recording the opposition’s corner? If you want to watch the game back, watch Match of The Day, find the highlights somewhere on the internet, but don’t stand there and record the game, that’s the job of Sky and BT Sport.


Then there’s the counterargument. The fans aren’t getting anything back from the team. Those of us that sing and shout for the full 90 are wasting our breath when the team don’t respond. It’s difficult. The team have been really poor this month, and it comes as no surprise to me when there’s about 500 spares flying about on Twitter. But those selling their tickets because they “can’t be arsed” are the ones that fuck off with 15 minutes still to play.

I could go on forever and ever about the shit fans and our currently shit team.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what the cause of this demise is. Our defence has always been a bit crap. Are we ever going to sort it? Fuck knows.

Mané has returned to Liverpool after Senegal were knocked out of the AFCON after missing a penalty against Cameroon. It goes to show how bad we’ve been without him when he’s taken off the pitch crying and Liverpool fans celebrate his early return. I HATE IT.

I do have a solution, off the pitch. Rather than bitching about the fans, the atmosphere and then scapegoating Jürgen, go to the game, make some noise, show the opposition what we’re made of. Forget about the people around you that look at you as if you have 2 heads if you start singing, forget what people think and just support your team.

Stop calling for Klopp’s head and remember what he did at Dortmund. The first two seasons – 6th and 5th. The next two? Bundesliga champions. So just be patient, and have a bit of faith. We all get angry after games, but let’s not make ourselves look stupid.


With regards to our upcoming fixtures, I’m keeping quiet. A win against Chelsea is needed, and would be huge as we fight for top four. With no other competitions to distract the Reds, top four is achievable. Up the Reds.


Written by Roopa Vyas. (@LFC_RV)

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  1. This has to be one of the shittest, and most hypocritical posts I’ve ever read.

    So the problem is the negativity from fans, yet she’s saying our title dreams are completely gone already and we have a ‘shit’ side?

    Yes this season has taken a sour turn, but we can’t act like it’s the end of the world. Let’s not take for granted the fact we are back amongst the top four and can still legitimately catch Chelsea, they might be flying but they have less squad depth than us!

    Klopp has transformed this club already, and any neautral would agree. Our current squad is very poor, but we’ve still managed some of the best performances from any side this season.

    Every team gets knocked out of cup competitions, blaming the ‘tourist’ fans isn’t the answer. It’s a sign of the club’s stature and our advertising deals across the globe.

    What’s the difference of someone from China supporting us, compared to the author who is from South Wales?! Nothing at all, being from somewhere doesn’t give you a devine right to support that team, and blaming ‘daytrippers’ simply because they want to enjoy the special occasion is ludicrous.

  2. The foreign fans is a really sensitive topic to touch about, but I actually agree with this read. No matter where we get fans from, local fans should outnumber them, and even if not they should show passion and determination for their support during the 90 min. Come on Reds!!!

  3. They should lower the prices for season tickets, or somehow find a way to attract them more.. I really have no problem with tourist going and taking pics or whatever, but please support us man!!! you are there for us, scream, enjoy, jum, sing GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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