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The Case for a Sadio Mané Anthem

Football is a very emotional sport.

Supporters attend games and are quickly enthralled in the atmosphere and ensuing passion.

In this cauldron, logic and common sense are a forgotten notion.

One of football’s many unwritten laws include a player anthems to be lauded on the terraces. But I cannot seem to understand why one of Liverpool’s key men seems to have slipped through the cracks.

Does Sadio Mané, Liverpool’s own Senegalese prince, deserve his own rousing Kop anthem?

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The Original Klopp Signing

Mane was the first marquee signing to join Klopp’s revolution and this is a fact that is often forgotten.

Roberto Firmino was already at the club and Mo Salah would only join the Reds’ in the following summer.

So he believed in the project and as Klopp so famously quoted “pushed the train” rather than simply “jumping on when it was already moving.”

Mané was a key figure for the Reds in the 2016/17 campaign as we returned to Europe’s Elite for the first time since 2014/15.

He was missed when he had International commitments during the January of 2017.

Sadio has always given his best for our club and he does it whilst wearing a smile on his face. An ambassador and role model who performs when we need him most.

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Few remember this as we have erased the 2018 Champions League Final from our memories but Sadio was our best player. A true warrior who always leaves his absolute all on the field.

Finally, he shared the golden boot last season and has been a key figure in our spotless start to this year’s edition.

He has earned this right (he is also the only one of our front-three without a song from the Anfield faithful).

A Song to Rival Si Senor

As mentioned previously, I will need to list the possible negatives against this decision. If only just the one.

The only factor that concerns me with Liverpool supporters writing and singing a song is it will probably get stolen.

The tune will be thrown into a badly written parody with “original lyrics”, as if that proved any other fanbase had this level of passion and creativity.

Then they will belt it out in a half-empty stadium at one of their legend’s testimonials. But that is a price that I am willing to pay.

Our mercurial Number 10 deserves a rousing anthem to match his on-field performances.

Heck, if this writer had even an ounce of lyrical creativity he would be trying to substitute Mané’s name into the Beatles track “Revolution”.

But I am well aware that there are fantastic people within our supporter base who are far more suited for this job.

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