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Why keeping Simon Mignolet is a smart move by Liverpool

Simon Mignolet has endured a fairly turbulent Liverpool career, to say the least.

After his debut heroics, saving the last minute penalty against Stoke at Anfield, things looked promising.

The Belgian went on to look like a pretty good shot stopper – but soon began to show his flaws.

Costly errors have led to large sections of the Liverpool fan base turning on him.

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There have been a fair few examples of these blunders in the last six years.

Some blame him as much as Moreno for Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to Sevilla in the 2016 Europa League final.

He’s since failed to convince Jürgen Klopp who has brought Alisson in as his preferred choice.

But those who expected Mignolet to be moved on this summer will have been shocked this week.

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Rumour has it that Klopp has been impressed with Mignolet’s attitude and now looks set to keep him on. 

Naturally, this call has been met with the usual hysteria on social media.

But realistically, this is actually a smart move by Klopp.

Better The Devil You Know

For all of his faults, Mignolet really isn’t the worst reserve keeper to call upon. 

He’s got proven Premier League qualities and is a man Liverpool have trusted many times before.

While his replacement has improved the side, Mignolet was by no means the worst keeper in the league.

And he’s shown traits Klopp values more than any other: dedication, commitment and professionalism.

He’s worked hard in training since he was dropped and has displayed an impeccable attitude.

Look at players like Lallana and Origi who’ve worked and kept their way in Klopp’s plans.

It seems Mignolet has prolonged his Liverpool career by displaying the same characteristics.

Having someone with this attitude waiting in the wings is more than valuable. 

On top of all of this, there’s the nagging question as to who we’d replace him with.

For all the talk of replacing Mignolet, who is out there that’s that much better?

The Devil You Don’t Know

Were there really that many decent names linked with replacing him? 

Signing back-up keepers is a notoriously hard business, decent ones are as rare as hens teeth. 

An up-and-coming youngster that’s never played in England wouldn’t thrill me.

I’d much rather have Mignolet to call on with his far superior experience. 

It saves going through the turmoil of putting our faith entirely in someone else over again.

We’d probably only end up being let down as we felt with Loris Karius.

When it all comes down to it, Liverpool could do far, far worse than Simon Mignolet. It would be hard to do better as well.

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