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Why Liverpool fans don’t support the national team

The disconnection between Scousers and the rest of the country goes beyond football and the real reasons are embedded into the history of the city and its large cultural and political differences.

I thought it would be best to talk to a true Scouser, so I spoke to my friend Brian Murrary on the subject. Bri is a teacher and a socialist.

Bri “hated the xenophobia” surrounding the Euro ‘96 tournament. He didn’t agree with it at all and did not want to be associated with that.

At that time he was only 13, so his dislike for England had already began even before he understood more about the “complexities of the history of Liverpool within the context of Thatcherite England.”

Bri also went on to explain how he: “could not be loyal to a national side whose fans regularly mock Hillsborough every week and then expect us to sing ‘God Save the Queen’.”

These chants consist of phrases such as “Sign on”, “Always the victims” or “Murderers” ( A reference to the Sun newspaper’s false claims that Liverpool fans were responsible for the 96 deaths at Hillsborough).

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I was also lucky enough to talk to Simon Hughes, who writes for The Athletic.

“Revelations around managed decline politicised people at time where austerity has had a desperate impact on Liverpool and it feels like history is repeating itself.”

This is referring to Thatcher’s government in the 1980s and how at this time Liverpool was dependant on various declining industries, but rather than supporting the city, there was a policy of deliberate neglect.

This ‘managed decline’ and the lack of support from the Tories led to riots in Toxteth, which were used against Liverpudlians to fuel the stereotypes of all Scousers as violent, lazy and unemployed; these stereotypes are perpetuated to this day in chants.

To summarise; Liverpool is a place that has always had a strong sense of identity and subsequently the way the city was treated differently exacerbated the feeling of alienation from the rest of the country.
In the last international break, a video went viral of England supporters chanting “We all hate Scousers”. I think I speak for most Liverpool fans when I say, I would sooner Liverpool won a corner, than England win an international tournament.

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