Liverpool Documentary Review: The End of a Storm

Adam Travers
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On the same day that Liverpool defeated West Ham 3-1, James Erskine’s documentary ‘The End of a Storm’ was released on sky for all sky customers to watch.

Previously released on DVD on the 30th of November, the documentary features exclusive interviews with Jurgen Klopp, Jordan Henderson, Sir Kenny Daglish and many more.

On top of this it features a harrowingly beautiful rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone by Lana Del Rey which isn’t to be missed.

Spoiler warning for anyone who does not want to know specific details prior to watching.

Liverpool Is a Special Club

This documentary does not just document the season that saw the Reds win number 19. It also has many key messages and highlights the relationship between the fans and club, specifically the personal at the club.

Fans only connect with something due to the people around it and at the minute Liverpool have all the right personnel.

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The documentary opens with a little monologue from Klopp that sets the tone from the off. Klopp tells a little story about how when he was growing up, his two best friends were a lot more mentally gifted than him and always did better academically.

Klopp says this didn’t bother him much as he always had supportive people around him and that is one of the key themes of the documentary. The people around you mean a lot more than anything else.

This leads Klopp onto a little segment about how his motto in life has always been at the end of a storm or a difficult period, there’s always a golden sky.

Liverpool and Klopp Were Meant to Be

Klopp cites that you’ll never walk alone has always been his favourite song and motto in life. However, it being the song of Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund is just pure coincidental. It supports Liverpool fans’ arguments when they say Klopp was made for Liverpool. The documentary makes it very difficult to argue against.

The themes of you’ll never walk alone are present throughout as the documentary goes all over the world, showing the viewer different Liverpool fans and what Liverpool means to them. Brazil, USA and China just to name a few of the varied countries.

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Features such as the impacts of of religion in the form of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane are ever present. Klopp even comments on how the club have certain routines to cater to their religion. Many will remember that champagne during the trophy lift was non alcoholic for this reason.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Jordan Henderson documents how Sir Kenny has helped him since he came to the club. Henderson claims he owes a lot of his success as captain to the great Scotsman.

Henderson was notoriously nearly sold to Fulham as a sweetener for a potential Clint Dempsey transfer. It took an arm around him to show him that he wasn’t alone and could succeed at the club.

Comical segments including Klopp bringing in world surfing champion Sebastian Steudtner to show the players how to deal with pressure are present. Even a comic strip section featuring Klopp talking about the goalkeeping crisis at the start of the season is shown. These light hearted moments provide some fun insight to the inner workings of the club.

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Liverpool and the Pandemic

The documentary comes to the pandemic and has Henderson, Virgil van Dijk and Roberto Firmino talking about how it affected them. It provides an important reminder that as well as being footballers, they’re also human beings and suffer just the same as anyone else.

One fan story is from Wuhan directly and a fan talks about how the only thing keeping him going during the opening months of the pandemic was the football and Liverpool matches. Even when he had to get up at 2am to do so.

You’ll never walk alone has never been more prominent in society. At the end of this difficult period in life, there will be a reward for it.

The documentary climaxes with the league win and truly highlights what it meant to Liverpool fans, players and staff. The celebrations are feel good to watch, even after seeing them hundreds of times before.

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The documentary ends with Klopp talking about how the storm was long and hard. However, there’s still a lot to go. The manager refers to the worldwide situation as well as the one at the club. There’s more memories to make together when it is safe to do so.

This deep dive has only scratched the surface of what is featured in this documentary. The End of a Storm is available to watch on Sky on Demand Now.

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