Liverpool 0-2 Everton: Major Talking Points

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Liverpool fell to another defeat on Saturday night, with their first home loss to Everton in 22 years. It was the same old story for Klopp’s team. An early goal unsettled the Reds and they were unable to find an answer to some resolute defending.

The defeat is Liverpool’s fourth in as many games at home. This is the first time since 1923 that this is happened. The top Four is quickly becoming an unlikely target for this season, and that will have a huge impact on the coming summer.

Here are the major talking points on another dismal night for Liverpool.

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The Early Goal

Start as you mean to go on certainly didn’t apply to the Reds opening ten minutes. After a panic straight from kick off that led to an Everton corner, James Rodriguez was gifted time and space to slot in Richarlison who placed his shot low and hard past Alisson.

The goal was poor from a Liverpool viewpoint. Firstly, James was allowed far too much time and space to weight his pass deep in Liverpool territory. Secondly, Richarlison’s run was not tracked and the offside trap was nowhere to be seen.

It was a goal that set the pace for the rest of the tie. It allowed Carlo Ancelotti’s men to execute their game plan to perfection, to sit in and frustrate throughout. After all the misery at home this year, an early goal was exactly what this team didn’t need. But it’s what they got, and to be honest, they never recovered from there.

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Henderson’s Injury

Five senior Liverpool players who started the season have played at CB. All five have been injured. Henderson joined Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip & Fabinho on the injury list. He pulled up after dribbling out of his own half. Whether it is his groin or hamstring remains to be seen, but either way, it doesn’t look good for the captain.

He tried to play on through the pain but it never really looked like happening. It adds to even more worry for Klopp, who must be thinking who he angered to deserve such bad luck this season.

Referees, Again.

To blame Liverpool losing this one to Everton on refereeing would be ridiculous. They weren’t good enough and that is the reason for another defeat. But the game was killed off by another poor decision from officials. Calvert-Lewin won a penalty after it looked like he was brought down in the box late on.

Replays showed that there was no real wrongdoing from any Red shirt. VAR to its credit, suggested that it should be taken a look at. The referee then spent all of ten seconds at the monitor.

If these officials aren’t going to be consistent and aren’t going to use technology to improve decisions, then what is the point in having it? It shouldn’t have been a penalty to Everton. The goal killed any sort of hope that a result could be salvaged.

It’s not to blame for Liverpool’s defeat, but it is another horrendous decision from referees who will not be held accountable.

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What Needs to Change?

Something needs to change. Injuries are a massive issue, nobody can deny that. But the players out on that pitch aren’t playing well enough. There were chances in the game to score which weren’t taken. Mane, Salah and Firmino all could have levelled the score, but didn’t take the chance.

When Liverpool conceded last season, you almost knew they were going to get one back. This season, a goal feels like the loss is already confirmed.

The squad and management now have a week until the next game. There needs to be some sort of improvement against Sheffield United. Hope is all but gone for the top four. But Liverpool are still in the Champions League, and can’t just let this season slip away. Something needs to be done, something needs to change.

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