Who Should Liverpool Sign: Mbappe or Haaland?

Michael Bisset

Liverpool have reached the pinnacle of English football. That means two things. Firstly, they have a target on their backs. Every single club in England will want to surpass Jurgen Klopp’s Reds’. Secondly, they need to keep developing. No side can rest on their laurels. Generational Talents. The best way […]

Curtis Jones: The Prince of Liverpool

Ritchie Slack

In what was a fine victory for Liverpool on Hungarian soil on Tuesday night against a decent RB Leipzig side, it was not just the two away goals which cemented Liverpool’s merriment. It was also joyful to witness the continuation of a breakout season for a young scouser: Curtis Jones. […]

5 Things We Learned From RB Leipzig Vs Liverpool

Ben Stevens

Tuesday night’s 0-2 Liverpool win in Hungary should be taken at face value. It does not mark a significant turning point in the Reds season. Instead, it was a demonstration of the undeniable quality that this squad possess. Unfortunately, these sorts of performances have been exceptions, in an otherwise disjointed […]

RB Leipzig React to Liverpool loss

Matt Thielen

In the first leg of their Champions League Round of 16 tie, Liverpool beat RB Leipzig in a convincing 0-2 victory. After a poor run of form for Jurgen Klopp’s side, this win was a needed boost of confidence. After the match, the RB Leipzig players and manager shared their […]